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A program designed to empower people in early-stage startups

Soft Skills Startup aims to enhance people and teams skills so that the startup is always cohesive, united and aligned with its objectives. The main focus is on the recurrent problems in entrepreneurship, which refer to the cohesion of the teams and their performance. This maximizes results over time.

It is a practical methodology in which everything explained in each session is worked on since it is learned through experience. Entrepreneurs discover ways to get to know themselves and their peers better within the startup. In addition, this program is carried out between different teams that learn together from their own experiences, in a safe environment.

Enhance personal

Identify the potential of each person in the team and their optimal way of working and relating with teammates.

Identify and deal with problems

Learn how to identify potential individual and team problems to tackle them before they grow. We eliminate “noise” within the team.

Align teams and

Take a break from the frenetic pace of a startup to discuss important issues, but which are often pushed aside by the whirlwind of day to day life.

The program

Soft Skills Startup is a 10 session program that covers the main key aspects of an entrepreneurial team.

This session is designed for each member of the team to focus on themselves, get to know themselves a bit better and see where they are in their lives. Entrepreneurship requires dedication and with this training what we seek is for the person to identify whether it is the right time to go ahead and get involved in this, with all the consequences, or not.


  • Draw conclusions about your current situation
  • Be aligned with the rest of your team
  • Save time and energy in case it is not your moment
  • Avoid future problems with the rest of the team

With this training, what we seek is that the participants get to know their teammates better. See how roles are distributed within the startup, who makes the decisions, who takes the initiative… Sometimes, entrepreneurs start working with people with whom we had no previous relation for many hours a day and that is why we consider it is important to get to know the people that you are next to.


  • Identify the different roles within the team
  • Distribute tasks more efficiently
  • Get to know your colleagues better

Once the team members get to know each other better, what we look for is them to line up to get everyone to row in the same direction. To achieve this, communication and emotional management are essential to achieve better team performance.


  • Improve communication between different team members
  • Learn to manage conflicts
  • Develop emotional intelligence

The world of entrepreneurship is like a roller coaster and that is why this topic seems so important to us. In this session, what we look for is entrepreneurs to discover their sources of motivation and demotivation and to learn properly how to manage the ups and downs of the roller coaster.


  • Learn how to manage the moments when we are on low energy.
  • Discover the sources of motivation that help us to move forward in those moments.
  • Identify what factors lower our energy in order to avoid them or to learn how to overcome them.
  • Smooth those ups and downs so that it does not affect us so much.

This session is designed to focus on the direction the project is taking. See where we are, where we want to be, and define what we have to do to get there. With this, what we achieve is that, in case there are any deviations from our route, we know how to return to the path that will lead us to our destination.


  • Align the different team members so that everybody rows in the same direction.
  • Clarify the long-term objective of the project
  • Have a roadmap to guide us when we are lost
  • Find out which the values that drive the team to work every day are

Talking about a startup is talking about making decisions. In an organization in which there is so much uncertainty, and which is constantly changing, if there is something that must be done constantly, it is to make decisions. Sometimes these decisions imply great changes and challenges. In this session the objective is to offer a series of tools so that entrepreneurs can make better decisions.


  • Improve time management when making decisions
  • Gain confidence when taking action
  • Learn strategies to avoid being blocked when taking those decisions.

Communication in a Startup is very important, both within the team and outside of it. In this session we focus on communication with the rest of the world. In this training, everyone has the opportunity to present their project (elevator pitch) and receive feedback from both the trainers and their colleagues. In this way we can see how the different members of a team present their project in very different ways.


  • Improve our public speaking skills 
  • Align the team in the way they communicate the project idea 
  • Adapt and shape communication according to the audience and the objective 
  • Discover tips on communication in the media

When we talk about entrepreneurship we also talk about uncertainty and this uncertainty often produces fear by not knowing what is going to happen. In this training we seek that the participants know better what fear is, what types of fears there are and that they learn to manage it.


  • Learn to manage fear 
  • Get to know yourself better 
  • Have new tools to manage an emotion that does not only occur at work 
  • Discover everything that this emotion brings us

The pace of work in a startup is high and that is why the productivity of the team is essential. In this part of the program we will see the difference between what is important and what is urgent. We will do practical exercises and also learn to prioritize better.


  • Increase team productivity
  • Learn tools about time management
  • Prioritize appropriately

In this last session we do a 360º review of the project through feedback from people who do not know the project. A session to find out how people use your product, what they like, what they don’t like, and discover new ideas that the team hasn’t thought of yet.


  •  Get real feedback on your project
  • Discover areas for improvement
  • Know what your strengths are and areas for improvement
  • Discover new potential customers

Our Team

We combine personal development with an entrepreneurial spirit. We are entrepreneurs with extensive knowledge and experience in human development, which we combine in our program.

Jorge González

Serial Entrepreneur & Talent Manager

Jon Granadero

NLP Master Coach

Iñigo López Callejo

Leadership and High Performance Coach

Our Clients

Our programme has been successfully implemented in leading incubators and startup programmes.

A program based on our experience with entrepreneurs in startups

The program stems from and is based on an exhaustive analysis of what happened in the Demium Bilbao incubator during its first year of existence by analyzing what happened with 101 entrepreneurs and their teams.

Although there were successful startups, with the same means and help, many teams did not even launch a product or service. They were far from creating a company.

The most relevant conclusion was that most of these teams did not fail because the market did not accept them, but because the teams were not sufficiently aligned or committed. In other cases there were conflicts that had broken out without knowing the root cause or how to resolve them.

Before this program was launched, we wanted to analyze not only what had happened in Bilbao, but also to contrast this with the Talent Managers of the other incubators of the Group, both at a national and international level.

Finally, with the results of that more comprehensive analysis, a practical methodology of 10 sessions was created and launched in the following months.

The outcome was not only a high level of satisfaction among the attendees but also the results of the teams grew significantly. The creation of new startups increased by 150%.

Now we make this method available, through which dozens of entrepreneurs have passed, to enhance and boost your soft-skills and the results of your startup or incubator


This is the opinion of some startup entrepreneurs who have tried it


Head Of Operations at berba

Hi, my name is Huseyin Bikim and I’m project manager at www.berba.net one of the startups incubated within Demium in Bilbao. I was fortunate enough to participate in and benefit from most of the coaching sessions delivered by Jorge, Iñigo and Jon around topics such as Motivation, Values and Productivity. 

All three are excellent personable professionals who managed to create a special and safe environment where each participating member felt adequately comfortable to share their feelings and instincts without fear of what other would think of them. The guys put an incredible amount of energy and passion into everything they do and it helped me in so many way to evaluate where I am and where I want to be. 

I read a book and adopted a productivity app as a result of what I learnt and also joined an association to improve my public speaking and leadership skills. I would wholeheartedly recommend these sessions to anybody lucky enough to participate in them and am incredibly grateful for the value that they have brought to me and my personal development. Thank you guys!

Idoya García

Ex-CEO boxsr.

Jon Ander Cuétara

Ex-CEO Reviewlutions

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